How Internet is hacking humanity

Let’s start with what is the internet? Internet is nothing but many innocent machines passing messages to each other in binary language.

Whose messages do machines pass around? Humans. And yes it’s we who are bringing down humanity.

Earlier human to human interaction played a key role in sharing experiences and knowledge. It had significant drawbacks as the amount of bandwidth it provided and the volume it could reach is pretty low. I was very excited when it was first introduced to me in an internet cafe. It almost felt like it was the only way through which we can solve any complex problem. It provided mechanisms where we could communicate ideas with each other and polish them.

But everything comes at a cost and lately, we have been paying a huge price for that. I want to share my perspective on why I think so. I want to reiterate this issue because we are stealing future from young generations. I’m afraid we have reached a stage where these platforms are suppressing the voice of the powerful people who could change the world. Technology is overwhelming human strengths and intelligence

It is important to understand the problems it is causing because identification and understanding is half of the solution.

Creating a simulated life which is far from reality.

Right now, our world is nothing but a simulated life created by the internet, where the content is driven by herds, posting opinions based on other people’s judgment rather than individuals using their own thought process. People pushing the content just for the sake of likes and comments, which they do not hold on-to in reality. For example, I find people supporting the BLM movement online, but in real life, the same individuals make fun of others based on looks. Heroes in simulation but suckers in reality.

We share pictures that have been edited or on which best filters are applied or at the very least we choose the best pictures with the best lighting. This is resulting in more teens being depressed because they are comparing their life with the best & fake version of others. Comparison is the worst enemy of our personal growth which puts breaks on society. We are evaluating ourselves and our work based on the number of likes, comments, messages we receive on social media.

We have become a cyborg, where phones are becoming an extension of ourselves. We are feeding others with our limbic resonance who don’t care. We are on the verge of eradicating the line between our biological and digital selves.

The Internet is pressurizing people to always be right else you will be mocked. This created a bubble around us where are afraid of failures. Stop creating an illusion that everything and everyone should be perfect. Let’s start embracing our imperfections.


The speed at which information spreads over the internet is tremendous. With the latest technology in hand, we have reduced the amount of time it takes to bring a website up. This should be used to our advantage but lately, this is making our lives even more difficult. Within seconds people are spreading false information for easy money and influencing a lot of innocent individuals. Most netizens don’t pay too much attention to the source of information and then take decisions based on that. This is making us question the authenticity of the internet. It is also amplifying gossip. Each person has its reality with his own set of facts.

Wasting a lot of time

The other day I was watching an interview and was awestruck to know that one girl spends 18 hours on Instagram on weekends. My first thought was that she was making her living out of Instagram but was surprised when I got to know that it was not the case. Though this was a one-off case according to one statistic average amount of time most people spend on social media is freaking 6 hrs. And when asked what do they do? They replied saying they track likes on the posts, replying to comments and messages which we have received. Time is a very precious resource, you should track your daily usage on these apps and block them for a limited period. There are many apps out there that can help you focus on productive tasks like stay focused, app block, etc.

Pumping ourselves with high levels of dopamine

Engagement with social media and cell phones releases a chemical called dopamine. It is the same chemical that gets released when we smoke, when we drink or when we gamble. We are feeding ourselves with high levels of dopamine through likes, comments on your content. We are losing control of ourselves and falling into this addiction. We are psychologically disturbed when our content fails to get enough traction.

Losing the power of human to human interactions

Though you might feel that the internet is helping us to keep in touch with loved ones but it is making the relationships even worse. One of the biggest things which is missing from our digital communications is a human emotion which is one of the greatest gifts. Messages without emotion are causing misconceptions. I see people getting disconnected from others because they fail to interact with them on the internet. Grow up kiddo! Everyone in their own life is going through different hardships. Don’t gauge your relationship bonds with others based on your digital media interaction.

Thinking that we are cool

While casually browsing my feed on social media, I saw a meme mocking a kid who scored high scores on a test. Do remember everyone can’t take humor in the same way. The way reach depends on a lot of factors like the state of mind of a person, individuals upbringing, etc. I don’t understand what are we trying to teach the kid …. Don’t work hard ? not have goals ? or want him/her to waste time by making useless memes? Good childhood is one of the important factors to have a successful life. There are a lot of precious lives lost, because of online bullying. We are becoming more narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused, and entitled.

It breaks my heart whenever I read an article about a teen whose life goal is all about becoming a youtube / Instagram influencer. We are suppressing the young generation’s capabilities to a very large extent. Even most of us when asked about our goals, we struggle to give a compelling answer. It is high time to figure out goals and work hard towards achieving them

Promoting Hatred

I see a lot of posts on anonymous sites like blind where people mock those who are passionate about their job. Because you are not enjoying work doesn’t mean that everyone else should also feel the same. Many people like to work and want to use their skills to help grow business or society. If you don’t like your work or company then there are plenty of options out there, feel free to change your career and stop spreading hate. We spend a significant amount of time at our workplace and so we should strive to find one which inspires us. Sometime’s we find such content funny and hence we try to engage with it but do remember that we are adding fuel to it

Tools to create a civil war

The Internet has provided the ability to express our views with anonymity and it is one of the worst weapons we have created. This can be used as a tool to start a civil war with some finite amount of fake content. People who can’t figure their authenticity blindly join the movements. This is causing chaos within the society and civil unrest. These online movements are not going to solve any real issues, we are promoting hatred among ourselves by generalizing the issues.

Labeling people

Subconsciously we are becoming more and more judgmental. Even though we are not aware of the full context of the subject or person in question we label them. We can see hundreds of such examples. Be kind and more helpful rather than cause harm. Most of the information you see or hear is not true, be very cautious before you start pointing fingers at others. Most people are fragile and lives are being lost by our actions.

And finally who is responsible for making the best use of the internet? Corporations? Government? No, it is our responsibility to make the best use of the internet. Strive for taking humanity forward or at the very least don’t discourage those who are doing so. Be very cautious with your actions on the internet.



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